Inside the jungle: A trek through Vietnam's most popular rainforest

Thanh Nien News

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Huge trees have lived here for centuries alongside tiny insects and fungi


A driver takes tourists into Nam Cat Tien, which is one of the largest national parks in Vietnam and a UNESCO world biosphere reserve with around 1,700 precious plants and more than 700 species of animals. Photo credit: Zing
Tourists pose with a 300-year-old fig tree that has grown into numerous trunks 16 kilometers from the jungle’s gate. The tree marks the deepest point into the forest that tourists are allowed to explore. 
 White roots of the tree underwater.
A Tetrameles nudiflora tree of 400 years old in the jungle with its giant roots. 
Another giant tree in the park, which is 150 kilometers to the north of Ho Chi Minh City. 
A douc langur in a designated area in the forest. 
A spider and its dinner on the left. 
A snail. 
The park has a wide variety of fungi. 
Another type of fungi in the forest
Ben Cu River Rapids 
Sunset on Bau Sau (Crocodile Lake) inside the park, which has been listed as one of more than 2,110 wetlands of international importance.  
Tourists sail out a lake inside the park one foggy morning before sunrise. 
You can find the original Vietnamese story here on Zing.

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