Indochina Airlines has license revoked

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The Civil Aviation Administration said Monday it has revoked the license of Indochina Airlines as the private carrier was no longer capable of maintaining its service.

The administration said it would only consider reissuing the license if and when the airline could prove that it was qualified for resuming flights, an official of the administration said.

Indochina, which opened its service in November 2008, had postponed its plan to resume flights several times since suspending service in November last year due to both technical and financial problems, including debts of more than VND30 billion to service providers.

The carrier missed its schedule to restart services on January 20. The planned resumption was approved by the Aviation Administration early this month and Indochina was supposed to be ready for Tet, or the Lunar New Year, a high season for air travel in the country.

Reported by Xuan Toan

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