In southern Vietnam, breakfasts are best served on boats

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The cooking can be simpler but the tastes are full


Cai Rang Market floats on the Hau River, one of the two tributaries of the Mekong in Can Tho. The market meets before the first sunlight every day, selling everything including hot breakfasts. Photo: Phong Vinh/VnExpress
This woman has to be very careful balancing all her pots and bowls. Photo: Phong Vinh/VnExpress
Tourists are usually given some wood panel as a makeshift table, while familiar customers just hold their bowl and enjoy the meal. Photo: Vu Tien Chuong/Tuoi Tre
"Hu tieu,” possibly the favorite noodle soup of many southerners that uses translucent and chewy rice noodles, is a mainstay at the market. One will have a perfect steamy bowl with tasty broth and a selection of herbs. Photo: Minh Duc/Tuoi Tre
Rice vermicelli soup “bun rieu” is served with special formula of fermented shrimp paste of the region. Photo: Phong Vinh/VnExpress
One can also try chao long, a kind of rice porridge served with pork, pig liver and some mung bean sprouts. The porridge is cooked in a brown broth which is made from the pork bones, head and innards.  
Another boat serves warm and crunchy baguettes. Photo: Phong Vinh/VnExpress
For those who can never do without a good coffee the market has a boat for them too. Photo: Phong Vinh/VnExpress
Most dishes on the market are prepared with less time than their authentic versions at a proper restaurant. But it is the atmosphere that makes the floating breakfast an interesting experience for many tourists in town. Photo: Phong Vinh/VnExpress

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