How to spend winter nights in Hanoi in style

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Many enjoy the chilly air with cold beer, street music and the Force


A group of foreigners parade the street in Star Wars costumes as the new episode of the epic space franchise was premiered last week. The movie premiered in Vietnam on December 18.
The Star Wars fans draw a lot of attention as they walk along Ta Hien and Ma May streets in the Old Quarter. 
A boy watches the mini comic con on his father’s shoulders. 
A coffee shop on Ta Hien walking street is full of foreign customers on a cold winter night. The capital’s lowest temperature over the weekend was around 14 degrees Celsius and is forecast to be around 13 degrees on Christmas. 
 Some have beer in the chill.
A couple enjoys beer and fries. 
 A more expensive dinner inside a barbecue restaurant.
Two men on the sidewalk outside a hotel. 
A man checks souvenirs at a shop. 
 A tourist discuss the northern folk music ca tru with a woman in charge of organizing the music performance every weekend at Quan De Temple in Hoan Kiem District. Ca tru was most popular in northern Vietnam in the 15th century. It enjoyed high status, favored by the wealthy and educated class, as it was considered a clever combination of the best of music and poetry.
Hanoi locals and tourists gather around a stage on the walking street Ma May enjoy another northern folk art chau van, which combines trance singing and dancing. Folk art performances are offered on the street every weekend nights. 
Another street corner offers live performances of modern music. 
Two people have found a more private corner in a coffee shop. 
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