Hong Kong crustaceans in Saigon

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Roasted Crab with Hong Kong style

New World Saigon's Dynasty restaurant has launched a Hong Kong Crustacean promotion.

On this occasion, the Chinese kitchen is offering 10 authentic Hong Kong style dishes made of local crustacean products.

Last Friday, Vietweek interviewed Ho Wing Sang, Chinese Executive sous chef, about his recipes for the promotion.

Chef Ho's two signatures are Hong Kong style roasted crab and River shrimp with asparagus.

This Hong Kong chef has been working at New World hotel in Vietnam for 17 years. He said he cooks authentic Hong Kong food from local ingredients while applying French food presentation art.

According to chef Ho, the first dish, Hong Kong style roasted crab, was created in Hong Kong around 50 years ago. At that time, Hong Kong started developing rapidly so cuisine art also bloomed.

Ingredients for the dish include two live crabs, one spoon of Chinese black beans, 20 grams of dried Japanese scallops, one spoon of garlic, 10 grams of fresh chili and cooking oil, salt and chicken powder.

Firstly, the garlic is fried until it turns yellow and releases a nice fragrance.

Then the dried scallops are steamed for 90 minutes. After that, they are shredded into tiny pieces for pan frying together with garlic.


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Chinese black bean are marinated with soy sauce before being sun-dried.

Then comes the crab roasting. Firstly, the crab is separated into four parts, washed and drained before roasting. After, a little frying powder is added to the crab to avoid the oil burning.

A little salt is put with the crabs in a hot pan full of oil for five minutes until it turns a red-yellow color.

Finally the dish is presented with a roasted crab in the middle of a plate dressed with stir-fried shredded scallops with garlic and black soy beans.

Then comes the second dish, roasted shrimp with asparagus.

Ingredients for this dish include two blue river shrimps, green asparagus, one chili, one spoon of garlic, cooking oil, salt, chicken powder and pepper.

Firstly, the chef uses scissors to cut shrimp's head into two pieces.

To avoid oil burning while roasting, the shrimp head is washed and dried before roasting.

After that the shrimp's body is stir-fried with asparagus and spices. Finally the dish will be presented on a dish and served hot.

Chef Ho said that during this Crustacean promotion he will introduce 10 dishes made of crab, lobster, shrimp, and snails cooked with Chinese herbal medicine.

He also plans to cook dishes not on the menu.

During the interview, Chef Ho spoke good Vietnamese. He explained that he has been speaking Vietnamese at home with his children.

And he also said that when he eats out he likes to study the menu at local restaurants and then learn to cook the Vietnamese dishes.

The Hong Kong chef said southern Vietnamese dishes like ca kho to (fish in clay pot) and canh chua ca (sweet and sour fish soup), lau ca keo (fish hot pot) are his favorites and can cook them well.

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