Here are some ideas for a unique Valentine's Day in Vietnam

By Dang Hanh, Thanh Nien News

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They are quirky for sure, but who doesn't love a little surprise?


Valentine's Day will fall on a weekend this year. That means your significant other may expect a little more from you and there is a very slim chance you will get away with that "But I had to work all day" excuse. 
Instead of celebrating the special day just like any other couple, why not try something new that you have never done before together?
A motorbike road trip
Riding with your lover to a cool highland town nearby is a great idea. If you start from Hanoi, you can head to Sa Pa or Dong Van. Those in the south can choose from many destinations in the Central Highlands -- Da Lat, Pleiku or Buon Ma Thuot. 
You can enjoy local food and stop wherever you want. Camping under the night sky is another activity you can add to your romantic journey. 
Tips: Carefully prepare for the trip and don't forget to bring maps, sleeping bags and a first aid box. Just make sure it is an unforgettable trip in the right way. 
 A motorbike road trip is good for Valentine's Day. File photos
Dining in the dark
If a candlelit dinner is so conventional, a dinner in a totally dark room can excite you. 
The idea is that when you cannot see anything, your other senses will be stimulated and you may find yourself doing or saying surprising things. You may be so brave you can end up proposing after dessert!
If you cannot prepare for such a dinner yourselves, just visit the Noir restaurant in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Address: Lane 178 Hai Ba Trung District 1, HCMC.
 A dinner in the dark at the Noir restaurant.
Bringing out the guns
Remember the song "Bang Bang" (My baby shot me down)? You can play that game too, but with more fun. 
Pick one of the many paintball clubs in HCMC and start running.
A lot of hard work and laughter will bring you a unique day and pave the way for a perfect night of relaxation. 
 Let's play paintball during your Valentine's Day.
An island getaway
Phu Quy Island in the central province of Binh Thuan is perfect for your Valentine's Day, with its beautiful beach, crystal waters and very few tourists.
There are many things you can do here with your partner: camping on the beach, preparing a seafood BBQ or taking a late swim.
 Phu Quy Island is a place to escape from your busy life.
Watching something that's not a movie
If you have depleted your romcom catalog, don't worry. There are so many performing arts venues in Vietnam's big cities -- circus, dance, opera, puppetry and theatre. 
Want something even more adventurous? Choose a concert of a local pop star or even a cải lương (Vietnam's tradition folk opera) show. You may not understand a thing they sing, but that's exactly the point. 
Valentine's Day should be about creating new memories and experimenting new things. And after all, you may find a new entertainment option that you didn't know exist.
 Cai luong can also be a strange but exciting choice. 

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