HCMC hotel rolls out Peking Duck Promotion

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New World Saigon Hotel offers Peking duck promotion during July

New World Saigon's Dynasty restaurant has launched a promotion of Hong Kong-style Peking duck through most of July.

Ho Wing Sang, executive sous chef at the Dynasty's Chinese kitchen, told Vietweek that the promotion actually combines Peking duck with other cuisines.

Thus there are fusion dishes from duck meat and skin and foie gras sauce, com chay or clay pot crispy rice, and seaweed (Japanese style).

"As the Peking duck is a bit fatty, I like to add vegetables like cucumber, lettuce, green mustard leaves, and bean curd," Ho said.

"I also add crunchy textures and fragrances to the dishes by using clay pot crispy rice, peanuts, and pine nuts."

The promotion offers a "Peking Duck Delights" package (VND780,000 per duck) and a set menu (VND735,000 per person).

The first dish in the package includes rolls created with Chinese pancakes (black and white sesame, spinach, or seaweed) using duck skin, foie gras sauce, cucumber, spring onion, and red chili.

It then offers duck meat cooked in the diner's choice of style: soup with green mustard leaves, bean curd; wok-fried Sichuan style; deep-fried with five spices, crispy garlic; wok-fried with pine nuts and lettuce; fried rice/fried egg noodles; clay pot crispy rice; or congee.

For the set menu, besides the duck-skin rolls and Chinese pancakes, guests can choose from a variety of dishes - duck meat with fried egg noodles, bean sprouts, and XO chili sauce or with green mustard leaves; duck bone soup; bean curd, wok-fried duck and pine nuts, lettuce; or glutinous dumplings, chocolate, and peanuts.

He has been working in Vietnam for 17 years, and prefers to use local ingredients, Ho said in fluent Vietnamese. He speaks Vietnamese at home with his children, he explained.

For the promotion, the hotel orders ducks from the Mekong Delta region.

"We noticed that guests at Dynasty have been ordering Peking duck more and more. Therefore, this month, we decided to offer them this promotion with Peking duck made in more styles."

He explained that the best Peking duck uses birds that are between nine months and one year of age and weigh 2.2 to 2.6 kg. Traditional Peking Duck tends to utilize smaller birds, however, from 1,8 kg to 2 kg.

"Ducks in the Mekong Delta are of good quality throughout the year and are perfect for this dish."

Dynasty Restaurant at the New World Saigon Hotel is offering the Peking Duck Promotion from July 9 to 22.

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