Hashtag #Vietnam: The week's best photos

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Here are 10 of the most memorable snapshots on Instagram that you should not miss



A photo posted by @natgeoyourshot on

A farmer waters his kumquat garden.The tree is a popular decoration during the Lunar New Year Festival, which is only more than a month away.

A photo posted by Laine N. (@lamelaine) on

An old bookstore in Hanoi.

A photo posted by Mathilde de Kruiff (@mwbdk) on

An old temple in Hue.

A photo posted by [L]uca Sfaticato (@luca.sfaticato) on

A toolbox of a street bike repairman.

A photo posted by Maks Chekmarev (@purple_juno) on

A corner at Cai Rang, a floating market in Can Tho.

A photo posted by SaigonPix (@saigonpix) on

A restaurant worker carries a tray of lunches up the stairs at Binh Tay Market in Ho Chi Minh City while checking his phone.

A photo posted by Gerti (@gax01) on

Santa Claus balloons in Hanoi.

A photo posted by JamesD (@wilderdd) on

"We don't care who you are... but if you ride without helmets. You got a ticket," the caption reads.

A photo posted by @kashubia on

Colorful raincoats in Nha Trang.

A photo posted by Kim Ngưu (@taurus_hera) on

Christmas lights outside a shopping mall in Hanoi.

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