Hashtag #Vietnam: The week's best photos

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Here are 12 of the most memorable snapshots on Instagram that you should not miss



A photo posted by Toby Naylor (@tobynaylor93) on

A cable car from a mountain to a monastery in Da Lat resort town in the Central Highlands

A photo posted by Hoa Còi (@hoacoidangyeu) on

Bun dau mam tom, an exotic northern Vietnamese dish of vermicelli noodles and fried tofu eaten with fermented shrimp paste and herbs.
Tourists walk along a road in the ancient town Hoi An in central Vietnam, wearing the country's iconic leaf hats.

A photo posted by Bella Hwang (@christabelfernandez) on

A woman sells herbs at a market in the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang.

A photo posted by @kimloile on

A pond of water lilies, a plant popular in the Mekong Delta during the monsoon season. The stalks can be eaten fresh or cooked in soup and hot pots.

A photo posted by Hung Nguyen (@hungbanana) on

Mountains in Dong Van, a geopark in the northern highlands
Terraced rice fields along mountain sides in northern Vietnam

A photo posted by Cody Snell (@snellsonmandela) on

Cao Dai worshipers at a temple in Tay Ninh Province neighboring Ho Chi Minh City. The Vietnamese religion, founded in the 1920s, combines elements of Catholicism, Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism. It also worships Julius Caesar, Joan of Arc and Victor Hugo.

A photo posted by kidred666 (@kidred666) on

Sunset in Ho Chi Minh City

A photo posted by Jaime Carrillo (@jaimecarrillo_) on

Statues of guardians at the tomb of Emperor Khai Dinh in the former royal city Hue in central Vietnam

A photo posted by Trent Harlow (@harlowtrent) on

A foreigner rides a bicycle along the West Lake, the largest lake in Hanoi

A photo posted by @tapestry909 on

Banh bot loc, tapioca dumpling, is a specialty dish of Hue in central Vietnam

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