Hanoi shows romantic side in first days of autumn

Thanh Nien News

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It's the season of yellow leaves, sweet snacks and fragrant flowers


A street in the downtown area is dotted with colorful umbrellas in an afternoon drizzle. Photo credit: Zing
The windows at an old villa.
A girl walks under milkwood pine flowers, one of the symbols of Hanoi. 
Many Hanoi streets are covered in gold leaves. 
It’s also the beginning of the new school year and school girls would mark their reunion by going out taking photos. 
A little girl plays with the fallen leaves. 
A dog has a morning walk under a perfect dome of canopy and sunshine.
A street vendor with a tray of fruits. 
 The fruit of the flowering plant “sau” (Dracontomelon duperreanum) is a common snack in Hanoi this season. Vietnamese use the green fruits as a souring agent or soak them in sugar to make candied treat similar to the Japanese umeboshi. 
Green sticky rice, or "com" in Vietnamese, is also common this season as they are used for different kinds of sweet snacks for their fragrance. 
You can find the original Vietnamese story here on Zing.

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