Ham Lon: A wild retreat next door

By Ngo Huy Hoa, Thanh Nien News

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Connected to an evergreen pine forest, Ham Lon mountain is an adventure call not far from Hanoi downtown. 

 The journey to the 462-meter top starts from the lake of the same name. The name Ham Lon literally means "Pig Jaw". 

 Uncle Lieu (R) watches climbers' motorbikes, rents out tents for camping and sells foods to hikers. He also offers free travel advice. 

 There are two ways to the mountain top. This is the easier path.

 The other is much rockier.

 This alternative path is only recommended during the dry season, when the stream is gentle and the rocks are not so mossy.

 One needs to spend an extra two or three more hours taking this path.

 But the views of nature are worth it.

 At the end of the rocky road is the pine forest.

 A young man tries to see the forest from a tree, or two. 

 On the way down.


 The path is covered with fallen pine leaves. 

 A hiker has finished his journey. 


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