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Enjoy lobster and watch the chefs put on a show at Kissho Restaurant

Customers can choose from lobsters made in a range of Japanese cooking styles like sushi and sashimi. Photo: WMC Group

August is a great time for lobster fans in Ho Chi Minh City. Kissho Restaurant is offering tropical rock lobster at half the regular price. For just VND170,000++ per 100 grams, customers can choose a lobster prepared using Japanese cooking styles including sushi, sashimi, steamed, grilled, and tempura (battered and deep-fried). To make this meal complete, you can choose from grilled lobster head or miso soup with lobster head.

Apart from enjoying succulent lobster, customers can also watch the restaurant's skilled chefs create unique culinary creations. The teppanyaki cooking style features traditional Japanese cuisine prepared using an iron griddle or plate. Guests are invited to sit at the large tables to see for themselves the freshness of the ingredients during a live cooking show featuring cutting, stir-frying, grilling, and seasoning put on by the chefs.

Beef, chicken, and seafood are a traditional teppanyaki choice. But goose liver is the highlight of the teppanyaki style at Kissho Restaurant and is served with sweet and sour sauce. This favorite dish is priced just VND890,000++ per 150 grams.

For a unique meal try the yakiniku where each meal is cooked by the guests on a grill built into the table. Savor imported ingredients from Japan, the USA, and Australia. Imported seafood is used to create authentic sashimi and sushi dishes with prices ranging from VND29,000++ to VND3,200,000++ per order.


Open daily 11:00-22:30
14 Nguyen Hue Blvd., Dist. 1, HCMC
Tel: (08) 3 823 2223
To enhance the flavors of any meal, guests often choose the spicy and powerful Gekkeikan sake. For each purchase of the famous Japanese sake, guests can receive a VND500,000 voucher off the next bottle.

Be sure to receive your 10 percent discount on food and drink when showing your Windsor VIPCard.

Kissho Restaurant is located at picturesque 14 Nguyen Hue Boulevard in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. A convenient destination for quick business lunches or elegant dinners with colleagues and friends.

Kissho Restaurant boasts the largest capacity of any Japanese restaurant in the city with 1,000 square meters and over 200-person seating capacity. Set in a cutting edge contemporary interior with focus on the act of food preparation and cooking.

++ Price is in VND and subject to applicable VAT and service charge.

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