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Central region flavors land in Ho Chi Minh City at Mai Phai

Gà lên mâm
is made of traditional ingredients such as boiled chicken, assorted vegetables and sticky rice

Chicken is a commonly served dish in Vietnamese cuisine. The most familiar version is boiled chicken dipped in a mixture of salt, pepper and lemon juice. Although the dish is simple, it is indispensable at big family events such as weddings, death anniversaries, or worship events.

But, not all dishes made with chicken are familiar to locals. One of these is gà lên mâm, which literally translates to "chicken on a round tray." Chicken on a round tray is a version of a dish from Da Nang in central Vietnam. The dish symbolizes solidarity with family and friends.

Chicken with flavors from the central region can be enjoyed in Ho Chi Minh City at Mai Phai Restaurant in District 1. The restaurant specializes in dishes from the central region, and their gà lên mâm is as hearty and delicious as it is in Da Nang. The dish, made from a whole chicken, is served on a large round tray and is suitable for a flock of four to five.

The dish comes from traditional ingredients such as boiled chicken, assorted vegetables and sticky rice. Depending on the customer's preference, a whole boiled chicken can be shredded into small pieces or chopped.

Customers can choose onion or cabbage, which the chef will use to mix with the whole chicken to create the chicken salad. Fried shallots are sprinkled on the top to make the dish more eye-catching and flavorful.

Lotus leaves are placed on the round tray with a layer of sticky rice, and then the chicken salad is added on the sticky rice. The dish is served hot, and the lotus leaves give the dish a simple and rural fragrance. 

This dish boasts the delicious organic food that is common in Vietnamese cuisine. Free-range chicken is firm, tastes moist, and has skin that is very thin and crispy. It is so naturally organic that you'll imagine the free-range chicken was taken on long walks and read lullabies, such as "The Lion" and "The Unicorm." The sticky rice is also hot and delicious. The sliced onion tastes pungent and piquant, and the cabbage is sweet and crispy. All of these flavors mix together in perfect harmony, like a dish in a fairytale in the circle of the gà lên mâm.

Delicious porridge made from chicken broth is a delicious side dish to accompany this meal. The price of chicken on round tray is VND280,000 for a portion that serves four.

You can enjoy chicken with flavors from central Vietnam at:

Mai Phai Restaurant
102A Le Thi Rieng Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, HCMC
Tel: (08) 3 508 8620

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