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By Minh Nga, TN News

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Hoa Dang restaurant in HCMC’s District 1
Vegetarianism seems to be a growing trend around the globe. More and more people aren’t eating meat for better health, to protect the environment, to stop killing animals, or simply as a matter of taste. The result is a growing number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants.
For those who try to go vegetarian and find themselves still craving meat, and luxurious restaurants, even one vegetable-only day can be a difficult feat.
It’s for these people that Vegan Restaurant Hoa Dang, known in English as Loving Hut, is on its conversion mission. The restaurant aims to arouse compassion for all living things and a passion for pure, nutritious and healthy food. In addition, Loving Hut brings diners these things in a luxurious setting at an affordable price.
Located at the crossroads of two small, quiet streets in District 1 near Binh Thanh, Loving Hut’s yellow light shines out into the neighborhood.
White covers the chairs and table, and the servers wear white tuxedos, giving a fine-dining feel to this gourmet experience.
Highlighting the space are large glass pillars and interesting porcelain plates adorning the walls. A large wooden door makes the entrance and a large table framed in glass on the wall has inscribed on it the names and birth and death-days of famous vegetarians, written in both English and Vietnamese. Did you know Albert Einstein was a vegetarian? According to Loving Hut, he was...
In the center of the eatery, a gathering of spherical lanterns made of bamboo are hung from the ceiling, meeting a large vase of flowers on the floor.
As for the food, Loving Hut offers a very wide range of choices including hot pots, soups, salad and different vegetable and fake-meat dishes to go with rice and noodles.
The soya hotpot served at Hoa Dang restaurant
One of my favorite dishes at Hoa Dang is the soya hot pot. The smaller hot pot for two people costs VND190,000, and the larger one VND235,000.
The hotpot contains tofu skin, xanthosoma, mushroom, onion and some other kinds of tofu.
The ingredients are cooked in a glass pot and served along with a dish of rice vermicelli and bindweed.
The taste of the hotpot bullion, made from soya cheese, is delicious. It’s naturally greasy and tastes a bit salty, going well with the raw, fresh bindweed. The more we cook, the more delicious the hotpot tastes as the mushroom and the onion add their natural sweetness to the bullion over the heat.
Everything at Hoa Dang goes down easily because all the food is natural and organic.
We also tried a dish of deep fried corn from the appetizer menu. It costs VND55,000 and looks like a beautiful big flower on a white dish.
The deep fried corn plate
The snack is made from ground corn mixed with flour and then deep-fried. It is not as oily as I thought it would be and tasted sweet enough so that I didn’t lose my appetite in it.
For drinks, Hoa Dang offers beer, wine, smoothies, and fruit juice. My favorite is guava juice with salted dry apricot. The juice is interesting: both a little sweet and very salty.
Hoa Dang also offers buffet on the full-moon and new moon days, meaning the first and fifteen day of the lunar month, for the price of VND250,000 for adults and VND150,000 for children.
Upstairs on the second floor, Hoa Dang contains a mini supermarket where organic and vegan products are sold and displayed.

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