Elephant, canoe rides in Central Highlands

By Nguyen Truc, Thanh Nien News

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A local man takes two foreigners around Jun village in Dak Lak Province on an elephant
Elephants are a tourist attraction in the province both for those who want a ride and just want to take a photo. 
Tourists in canoes around Lak lake, the second biggest natural freshwater lake in Vietnam and the largest in the central region. Surrounding the 6.2 square kilometers of water are untouched forests and tribal houses. 
A tour on the lake early in the morning will bring tourists across fishermen like this one. 
 A canoe pier
Sunrise on the lake 
A traditional long house of the M’Nong people is built with wood and other plant materials. Each can house dozens of guests.
Some families have adopted a more modern style with concrete walls. They keep their cattle below the house. 
The kitchen at the end of a typical long house of the M’Nong people in the province.  
Hand-woven cloth and bamboo baskets are popular souvenirs. 

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