Dak Lak cafe a kind of Jurassic Park

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A man in the Central Highlands has transformed his cafe into a Jurassic Park of sorts, displaying more than 300 fossils he's collected, some of them dating from hundreds of millions of years ago.


Most of the fossils on display at Hoang Thanh's cafe in the Dak Lak Province town of Buon Ma Thuot are the remains of ferns and pines. Dozens of them are the remains of animals. Thanh collected the artifacts for dozens of years all over the highlands region.


His largest wood fossil, 1.7 meters long and weighing more than two tons, has been identified by scientists as coming from the Jurassic period 175 million years ago, Thanh said.


People can still see the core of the wood and its brown bark.


Another fossil 2.2 meters long is a mixture of minerals from a volcanic eruption. It makes a loud bell-like sound when struck. 

Thanh calls it the "rock bell" and named his café after it: Chuong Da.

He has refused several offers to buy his fossils. They are "too precious" for money, he said.

But he said was willing to give them to government agencies for preservation if they requested.


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