CNN lists Hanoi among Asia's top ten street food cities

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Hanoi has been named by CNN as one of ten greatest street food cities in Asia.

The list, published March 23 on the US agency's travel page CNNGo, introduced ten typical street foods in Hanoi, including the famous "pho" - noodle soup with either beef or chicken, best had at 112 Van Phuc Street, and Vietnam's popular drink, iced coffee, at 6 Hang Bac.

It described Hanoi as "a street-eater's paradise, with a plethora of options for those who want to eat like a local."

Other Asian street food destinations introduced are Penang, Taipei, Bangkok, Fukuoka, Singapore, Seoul, Xi'an, Manila and Phnom Penh.

The list mentions Hanoi's "bun cha," grilled meat eaten with rice vermicelli and fresh herbs as "the most delicious food available to man."

The popular lunch choice, recommended at 34 Hang Than Street, is made from pork patties and slices of pork belly which are grilled over hot coals and served with fish sauce, tangy vinegar, sugar and lime.

"Bun rieu cua," a tangy tomato soup with freshwater crab flavor, rice vermicelli, pounded crabmeat, deep-fried tofu and congealed blood is suggested at 11 Hang Bac Street.

Other delicious options for Hanoi travelers are barbecued kitchen on Ly Van Phuc Street, sticky rice at 6 Hang Bac, spring roll with fresh crabmeat at 58 Dao Duy Tu, fish porridge at 213 Hang Bang, grilled dried squid at 36 Hang Bo, and "banh cuon" which is steamed rice flour pancakes filled with minced pork and cloud ear mushrooms at 14 Hang Ga.

Hanoi street food has been delightful to many foreigners worldwide.

The emotion was enough to also inspire Tracey Lister, a Melbourne chef for over 20 years, to publish two books about it, including "Vietnamese Street Food" in September last year and "KOTO: A Culinary Journey through Vietnam" in 2008. KOTO is the name of a charity vocational training project that she is a member of.

Both books were published in Australia.

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