Cham people weave into fame in central Vietnam

Thanh Nien News

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My Nghiep village of of Cham community in the central province of Ninh Thuan has become a tourism destination as it gathers those who weave the country’s best brocade.

A Cham girl in training at My Nghiep Village in Ninh Thuan Province's Ninh Phuoc District. The weaving art is carefully passed down in each family to keep the tradition alive. 

A Cham woman walks her daughter through steps with the loom. 

A local woman (L) in My Nghiep Village instructs a learner from a different locality. 

Le Phu Binh has bought 12 textile machines to develop the tradition into industrial scale and profits more than US$10,000 a year. 

 The craft has created jobs for nearly 700 villagers, including those at retirement age.

Photos: Thanh Ha/Vietnam News Agency

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