Central region festivals celebrate National Day

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The traditional Cau Ngu Festival is being celebrated in Thua Thien Hue Province's Hai Nhuan and The My villages (Phong Hai Commune).


The festival, which includes  the "fish worshipping ceremony" where people pray for peaceful fishing and abundant growth of fishes, is a characteristic cultural rites of the coastal commune.


Nguyen Viet Tu, chairman of the Phong Hai Commune People's Committee, said that solemn offerings will be made to the fishing deity to honor his merits and win his support for every fisherman's voyage.


Many folk games representing the sea fishing activities will be played during the festival, including "fish catching" and the "net-casting."


In the evening flower garlands and colored lanterns will be floated along the coast.


On the second day, events include a parade a boat race. Many modern sports like volley-ball and football matches will be played on the beaches.


The sea festival will also presents thanh tra, a unique type of grapefruit of the province. Many provincial delicacies and products as well as skills of guild villages will be presented at the event.   


A folk music and dance performance will wrap up the two-day festival.


The sea festival is also held as part of cultural and entertainment activities to celebrate Vietnam's National Day on September 2.


A series of exhibitions like a collection of Uncle Ho's autographs and graphic works by several artists from Hanoi, Hue, Ho Chi Minh City and Thailand will also be displayed at Hue's Ho Chi Minh Museum (7 Le Loi Street) and Phuong Nam Cultural Center (15 Le Loi Street.)


On September 2,3 and 4, tourists will be able sample local specialties by attending "Weekend meals" made by famous chiefs of Saigon Morin. 


In Da Nang city, the music and water sports festival will welcome the National Day frp, 4-9 p.m. on September 2 along the Han River.


Both locals and tourists will have chance to enjoy skiing and para-skiing amdist the sounds of guitar, saxophone and violin performance.


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