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In the busy cities nowadays, nature seems like a luxury that few can find time for. When was the last time you ran barefoot on the grass and watched a kite flying over a green field? When did you last amble through a forest on a sunny day?

Fortunately, if you cannot go to nature, you can bring nature to your house and life with natural products.

Harnn & Thann in Saigon Center at 65 Le Loi Boulevard in Ho Chi Minh City has what many stressed out people are looking for: a spa that takes them to a spring garden in the hill town of Da Lat.

Herbal remedies for a cold or fever are common in Oriental medicine. Only 15 years ago, Vietnamese people would often combine herbs and a hot sauna to alleviate a bad cold.

Harnn & Thann products blend Asian culture, traditions and knowledge of natural therapy with the science of skin care.

This shop, full of pleasant fragrances, has many diversified facial and body products to offer. Harnn & Thann is a Thai brand name famous for its extracts of rice bran, lemongrass oil, mint, exotic kaffir lane, vanilla and other natural ingredients.

"I choose vitamin E-rich extracts of rice bran oil products. After a hard day, a product with lemongrass oil lifts my spirits. Harnn & Thann offers customers a lifestyle of total wellness, with products that are 100 percent paraben-free and have no artificial colors or fragrances," said Tran Huong, a customer at Harnn & Thann.

"Besides exotic Oriental essence, Harnn & Thann also has soothing Mediterranea floral, refreshing sea foam and vibrant aromatic wood. On the weekend, a spa at home with natural exotic products gives me renewed energy," said Nguyen Xuan Lan, another customer at the shop.

The product line includes skin, body and hair care products like shampoo, clay masks, moisturizers and exfoliating scrubs.

Harnn is a line of home-spa products that includes exfoliating soaps and salt scrubs, massage oils, hand creams, body and massage creams, foot scrubs and bath salts.

The scents include cinnamon, lemongrass and basil. Rice bran oil is a common ingredient in the soaps and has a grown-up, subtle scent.

Harnn & Thann

Saigon Center

65 Le Loi Boulevard, District 1

Tel: (08) 3 914 2649

Diamond Plaza

34 Le Duan Boulevard, District 1

Tel: (08) 2 210 3365

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