Best crab ever: The most delicious seafood is the simplest

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Steamed swimming crabs

In Vietnam, steamed swimming crab is a favorite treat for weekend gatherings. The most popular way to cook swimming crabs is to simply steam them with beer and lemongrass.
It is very easy to prepare this dish. You only need fresh swimming crabs, lemongrass, beer and then lemon, salt, pepper and chilli to serve. 
How to cook:
When you buy alive swimming crabs, you should pick the heavy ones because their meat would be firm.

Put the crabs into a pot.

After washing the crabs, you put them in a pot along with crushed lemongrass. Then pour the beer into the pot and cover it with the lid.

Lemongrass stalks must be crushed and cut into equal lengths. 

Steam the crabs in 10-15 minutes. The crabs are done when they turn red.

The crabs are done when they turn red.

The crabs should be served hot. They can be served with a mixture of salt, pepper and chili with drops of lemon juice poured all over the mixture.
Beer and lemongrass add a special fragrance to the crabs, and lemongrass is also said to help keep your belly healthy after you consume protein.

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