Beauty in the ruins: The incomplete monastery of Sa Pa

By Tran Giap, Thanh Nien News

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Many visitors to Sa Pa often miss one of the most fascinating attractions in the town, the abandoned Ta Phin Monastery. 
Around 15 kilometers from the town, the project that has never been completed is covered by trees and mosses. There are several Dao and Mong villages nearby. 
Construction of the monastery began in 1942, after 12 nuns of a church from Japan arrived and were granted the land plot here.
They raised cattle and fowl and produced dairy products and jams that became Ta Phin specialties. 
The monastery was built with rocks and tiles with Roman domes and thick walls. 
The nuns moved to Hanoi in 1945 due to security reason, leaving the building incomplete. 
 The monastery is located near Dao villages
The monastery is located near Dao villages 
The monastery is located near Dao villages 

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