An island unto itself

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Want to escape from it all? Well, Cau Island has nothing... nothing except for pristine natural beauty

Definitely bring a picnic and a tent, as you won't find a piece of civilization on Cau Island.

Only 1,500 meters long and 700 meters wide at its biggest part, tens of thousands of rocks of different colors dot the beaches and mysterious caves can be found throughout the island.

Lay down on the smooth white sand, swim in the crystal clear water or explore the island and its caves. Bring your swimming goggles for coral diving and catch sea snails. They're fresh and delectable treats with a little salt, pepper and lime juice.

In the still night, rest on the smooth surface of the rocks and feel the cool breeze or waves splash over you. See the stars or gaze at the hundreds of colorful boat lamps used by fishermen at sea.

Cau Island has a temple for worshiping the God Nam Hai, a whale god revered as the patron saint of the local fishermen. No one knows who built the temple, or when, but traditional ceremonies and prayers to the god have been preserved for generations. A large ceremony in reverence of Nam Hai takes place at the temple on the 14th-16th days of a lunar year's fourth month.

About 9 km from the mainland some 110 km northeast of Phan Thiet, home of the famous Mui Ne beaches and sand dunes, Cau Island is about 45-60 minutes by boat from Lien Huong Town, Phuoc The, Vinh Tan and Vinh Hao communes, or Ca Na. Local fishing boats can be caught to the island at any of these locations.

The best time to visit Cau Island is between January to June, when the sea is calm and fishermen use the island as a base. The island is completely abandoned other times of year.

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