Alluring Trem Island

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Hon Trem lies in a sea of islands

Hon Trem (Trem Island) is a charming holiday spot 80 kilometers off Rach Gia Town in Kien Giang Province.

There's a modern resort perched on a miniature table cape at the end of a short peninsula below Chung Son Mountain.

From atop the small bluff, a sweeping 300 degree panorama gives way to more than 40 islands.

At night the same vantage point affords a bespeckled view of twinkling lights from homes on the islands and fishing boats far and near.

For daytime recreation, there's bathing in the sea, wandering around the island and catching a passenger boat called the Tan Phat to the neighboring islands, where the visitor can chat with the fishermen who catch squid, crab and other fish for a living.

Meandering at night is also fun, stopping to eat at one of the seafood restaurants that can be found here and there.

Realizing Trem Island's potential, Kien Giang Tourism Joint Stock Company started out by building a road to the top of the little cape and several other roads in 2000.

It then constructed seven fancy bungalows to form the nucleus of Hon Trem Resort and tacked on some cheaper accommodation for holidaymakers, plus the usual restaurant, sauna, and massage and karaoke rooms.

The company also operates guided tours to nearby places of interest like Hang (Cave) Pagoda, Phu Tu (Father and Son) Island, and Tien (Fairy) Well.

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