A new tearoom drops into town

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Operation:Tearoom has just opened on the ground floor of the Yoga and Meditation Center in Ho Chi Minh City.

With its mission to spread delicious, healthy tea and tea culture, the tearoom offers two cute rooms.

In the first, guests sit on floor mats around low Japanese tables.

The second tearoom is surrounded by big blue Swiss exercise balls that customers can use. It is a small room and to make up for this, the super-high double-story ceilings rain down light through a silk shade.

The rooms are connected via large glass doors. There is also a small outdoor garden with yellow bamboo swaying in the breeze and stones sleeping next to a tiny pond.

It's a relaxing spot for a cup of tea, with the clouds moving through the sky above and golden fish swimming in the pond below.

Operation:Tearoom offers 15 different kinds of tea.

For now, the teas are from Japan, China, Vietnam and Taiwan, but the menu will likely expand. The tea menu is divided into four main groups: green, black, white and Oolong tea.

The green tea menu includes deep-steamed centra, genmaicha, houjicha, organic sencha, West Lake Dragon Well and organic precious eyebrown.

The Black tea list includes English breakfast, earl grey, white purple, Imperial Yunna and Imperial Penang Gold Buds.

The two kinds of Oolong tea on offer are Tie guan yin and Ali Shan. For white tea, the tearoom serves Silver needle.

I ordered a cup of Organic Sencha. To achieve the best taste, the tea making process is very exact in terms of time and temperature of the water.

Not long after my tea arrived, a timer beeped to tell me that I could start enjoying a cup.

The waitress asked if I wanted it strong or not. If yes, then she keeps the tea in the pot. If not, she removes it.

One cup of tea costs VND35,000 while a pot costs VND55,000.

335/31 Dien Bien Phu, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

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