11-million-year old volcano leaves fantastic landscapes in central Vietnam

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Basalt rocks, coral reefs in the sea nearby are part of the legacy


 This pond near the coast of Binh Chau Commune in the east of the central province of Quang Ngai has been identified as an ancient volcano crater
 Seaweed and seawater fills the pond which is around 30 square meters in size. Scientists say the volcano could have existed 11 million years ago.
 Despite being located near the sea and subject to erosion, the crater's features are almost intact. Besides, relics of past eruptions are also found in the form of surrounding basalt beds.
 The basalt beds can be found along the coast.
 Scientists have also found many sedimentary rocks and coral reefs under the waters. They believe that the local waters owe their geology to the volcano's eruptions.
 There is dense coral in underwater reefs estimated to measure 24 square kilometers
 Many ancient shipwrecks have been discovered in the waters where a busy trade port was established centuries ago.
 Quang Ngai Province's authorities have asked experts to help them document Binh Chau's geological legacy to get the area recognition as a national relic site. They hope this will attract tourists and scientists.
Original Vietnamese story by Tri Tin, VnExpress

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