Vietnam’s mobile Internet speed ranks 2nd lowest globally

By Thanh Luan, Thanh Nien News

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A screenshot of Vietnam's mobile download speed shown in a recent survey. A screenshot of Vietnam's mobile download speed shown in a recent survey.


Best of luck downloading a big file with mobile data in Vietnam.  
Mobile download speed in Vietnam in April was pegged at 1.67 Mbps, the second lowest in 115 countries and territories surveyed by the global bandwidth testing company Ookla.
According to the company’s statistics, Mobifone topped the country’s Internet service providers with an average download speed of 3.11 Mbps, followed by Vinaphone with 2.89 Mbps, and Viettel with 1.23 Mbps.
Geographically, Hanoi was first with 3.67 Mbps, followed by Ho Chi Minh City with 3.27 Mbps and Hai Phong with 2.77 Mbps.
In comparison with neighboring countries, Vietnam’s average mobile download speed last month was much lower than that of Laos (3.33 Mbps), Cambodia (5.85 Mbps), and Thailand (5.41 Mbps).
New Zealand topped the global list with 26.41 Mbps while Ukraine was at the bottom with 1.51 Mbps.
Last week, German research firm GfK and Buu Dien Vietnam (Vietnam Post) newspaper released a controversial survey, claiming that found almost all 3G subscribers in Vietnam are happy with service quality. 
Up to 55 percent of the surveyed mobile Internet users said the 3G fee, currently starts at VND70,000 a month for unlimited data, is acceptable.
Surprisingly 82 percent of the respondents said they will continue using 3G services even when the fee is increased, according to the survey of 576 people.
The survey has prompted controversies as critics said that all respondents are from big cities, including Hanoi, HCMC and Da Nang. It is always questionable when a survey claims that consumers support a price hike, they said. 

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