Vietnam's Ministry of Justice attacked by hackers, 'important' data stolen

By Thai Son, TN News

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The Ministry of Justice has become the latest victim of ransomware attacks in Vietnam. 
Several computers connected to the ministry's network have been infected with the malware, having many "important" data encrypted by hackers who would destroy all the documents, unless they got paid, the department of information technology under the ministry said on Thursday.
As there is no way to retrieve the data other than pay the ransom, it is very likely that the ministry will lose all the data, it said.
Following the attack, the department sent urgent letters to agencies under the ministry, warning them against the malware, which can be spread through various ways like email attachments, USB devices, memory cards, and even files shared via local networks.
It urged the agencies to improve their security and ask their staff to not open unfamiliar websites, and take extra caution when opening emails from unknown senders.
In January Hanoi-based online security firm Bkav said that more than 1,300 Internet users, including banks, had their data, including Word and Excel documents and photos, taken hostage through ransomware attacks.
Victims were reportedly often asked to pay around US$630, in digital currency bitcoin, within 96 hours, to have their files unlocked.

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