Vietnamese engineers seeks permit to try helicopter

By Do Truong, Thanh Nien News

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An inventor from southern Vietnam is seeking permission from the Defense Ministry to conduct a test flight.
Bui Hien, a 60-year-old automobile engineer from Binh Duong Province said the helicopter flies, takes off and lands smoothly.
Hien says this aircraft, his such design, is safer and more modern than his 2012 invention.
He says the aircraft is equipped with fail safes that will ensure a safe landing in the event of technical problem or a mid-air breakdown.
“You just have to lower the rotor’s angle by five degrees and it will work like a vane and lift the helicopter up,” Hien said.
The stainless steel helicopter is 7.4 meters long, 2.4 meters high, 340 kilograms when empty.
It was designed to carry a maximum weight of 500 kilograms.
The main rotor stretches 6.6 meters long and the tail one 1.1 meters.
Hien says he'll power the aircraft with a Japanese engine imported from the US that's typically installed into F1 racing cars.
His first helicopter used a speedboat engine, and although it could fly, Hien was not happy with that edition and has since worked to improve it.
The new helicopter tops out at 200kph and can remain in the air for two hours, using 92-octane gasoline (A92), the most popular fuel grade in the country.
Hien says he's confident he'll get a permit to conduct a trial flight and prove his helicopter can be used in agriculture, surveying, filming, photography, and rescue.

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