Vietnam dominates Mekong's top 10 most promising tech startups

Thanh Nien News

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 Mekong region's top 10 most promising tech startups will be showcased at Echelon Thailand on November 26-27. Photo credit:
Three Vietnamese projects have been listed in the Mekong region's top 10 most promising tech startups which will be showcased at an international exhibition in Thailand at the end of this month.
Two Thai startups are also on the list, while the rest are from other countries such as Malaysia and the Philippines, according to Singaporean news website e27, which organizes Echelon Thailand on November 26-27.
One of the Vietnamese startups is CancerCare, a platform allowing patients to interact and choose doctors. Patients also can get updated information about treatment methods and drugs which they can buy at discounted prices.
Another is CyRadar, which provides cyber security solutions for businesses using its own technology.
Q&Me, a market research mobile application, is the last. The application, which has gained 90,000 survey panelists since its launch in August last year, compiles market surveys at one-third of the costs of traditional survey methods, according to the website.
Echelon Thailand will feature intensive startup workshops and the exhibition of tens of startups from all over the Mekong region, giving the newbies opportunities to raise funds from international investors.

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