Spams – Before and after Viettel’s Anti Spam solution

By Tran Dung, TN News

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You wake up in the middle of the night or stop your vehicle just to check a new text. It turns out to be a spam message. 
That frustration can end now, thanks to the new Anti Spam solution by Vietnam’s top telecommunications firm Viettel, which has been celebrated recently at the IT World Awards 2016 in the US.
 Before  After
Spams were once a serious problem and a headache to many phone users in Vietnam, from advertisements of SIM cards, houses to dating services. Many people had to change their numbers and install programs to block spams, at certain fees.
Thanks to Viettel’s spam-block solution, users can have a good sleep for the whole night as their cell phones are always protected.                              

Spammers could target thousands of users just by a small sum of money. 
It’s now extremely hard for a spammer to gain access to a cell phone.
Individual technical solutions to block keywords and phrases did not prove highly effective. 
Viettel’s figures show that its Anti Spam solution blocked nearly 100 million spams targeting its customers in the first half this year, or around 550,000 spams a day.
Telecom firms usually received criticism for abetting spammers for extra profits.                    
But now, what seems to be a losing war against the huge army of spammers has taken a new turn with Viettel Anti Spam, an artificial intelligence system.
Each telecom firm blocked spams their own way, and spammers could easily figure out their weaknesses.
Viettel has developed Anti Spam as a platform where telecom firms can cooperate to fight spammers.
Viettel used to struggle protecting users from with spams despite its expertise.
With Anti Spam, Viettel has won the IT World Award 2016 in the US for the best telecommunications product.
Spam messages on phones were considered tougher to deal with than those on other means of communications. They damaged the credibility of the service providers.
Thanks to Anti Spam, Vietnam can look forward to a more efficient and reliable telecom environment.

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