Popular game Flappy Bird flying again, but only on Amazon Appstore

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The new version of Flappy Bird supports two players. The new version of Flappy Bird supports two players.


The Vietnamese developer of Flappy Bird, once the most popular free mobile game on Apple App Store and Google's Android Play store that earned as much as US$50,000 a day, has launched the game again almost six months after taking it down.
The difficult game with a simple design, however, appeared only on Amazon Appstore on Saturday, meaning people can play it on TV with an Amazon Fire TV set-top box.
The game developer, Nguyen Ha Dong, named the new version of the game Flappy Birds “Family” which supports two players and has more lives. Players can only manipulate the little bird through sets of pipes via game controllers, instead of touchscreens.
It is unclear whether the game will be supplied on other platforms.
On February 10, Dong removed his Flappy Bird game from app stores saying the game has become too addictive and he was not ready for the amazing success of the mobile app.
On Feb. 8, Dong said on Twitter that the game is a success of his “but it also ruins my simple life. So now I hate it,” and he apologized to the game’s fans.
According to Ouriel Ohayon, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist and co-founder of Appsfire SAS, the success of Flappy Bird is almost unprecedented for an independent developer as the game ranked first or second for free apps around the world,
The game is deceptively simple: Users tap smartphone screens to make a bird fly through gaps in pipes to score points. Anytime the bird hits a pipe or drops to the ground, the game ends.
Without any marketing, the game became a global phenomenon through social media and bringing as much as $50,000 a day in advertising.

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