Japan's Fujitsu opens high-tech vegetable factory in Hanoi

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Japan's Fujitsu and local IT firm FPT on Wednesday opened an agriculture base in Hanoi which showcases the use of information and communication technologies in factory farming.
The 400-square-meter base has a vegetable factory that grows low-potassium leaf lettuce inside a closed, sterile space under artificial lights and a greenhouse planting medium-size tomatoes with high sugar content. The cultivation uses no chemicals.
Sources from the companies said the base will serve as a showroom to Vietnam’s food enterprises and retailers, and they will consider ways to provide the services to regular farmers as well.
The project uses Akisai, a cloud service developed by Fujitsu to improve productivity by analyzing cultivation data and monitoring quality. 
The companies apparently hopes that the model will catch on in Vietnam, whose food and agricultural industries are still mostly driven by intensive labor, rather than technology. 
 Low-potassium lettuce can be harvested after one to one and a half months. It is a suitable choice for kidney patients and those on a diet. Photos: Khoi Linh/Dan Tri
The method allows as many as 6,000 tomato trees to be planted on each 1,000 square meters continuously all year round.
Tomatoes from this greenhouse contain a high amount of nutrients. 

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