Isaac Newton was Vietnamese, for a few days

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In one of the most ridiculous Wikipedia hacks in recent memory, the Vietnamese-language entry for Isaac Newton was almost completely rewritten, turning him into a "Vietnamese alchemist who invented the principle of Facebook spamming."
The vandalism, an official term used by the public database, happened on January 9. Photos of the entry were shared on social media a few days later, spurring a lot of conversation about the act. 
Besides changing Newton's nationality and his achievements, the vandal also made farcical connections between him and Vietnamese criminals and tech companies. It said his incident with the apple tree inspired Steve Jobs’ products.
Wikipedia editors have revised the page. 
Truong Tuan Nghia, a volunteer in Hanoi, said local Internet users often sabotage popular entries and editors have to spend much time fixing them. 
“With stubborn users, the admins may block their IP and ban them from accessing the website permanently,” he told Zing News.
The Vietnamese entry about Isaac Newton said he was a Vietnamese alchemist (the second line).

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