Hundreds of Facebook users hit by new cyber fraud in Vietnam

Thanh Nien News

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Internet security experts warn that Facebook users should never click on suspicious links, even those posted by their friends, unless they want to become new victims of a widespread scam.
Hundreds of Facebook users reported that they were logged out from their accounts right after checking out links that were posted on their walls, said local experts.
Then they were asked for their passwords to log in again. This is when hackers steal their accounts, experts said. 
These hackers will then send messages to the victims' friends, asking for a loan or a donation. 
Experts of BKAV Internet Security said that to avoid being victimized, users should neither click on strange links they see on Facebook nor retype their password immediately after being logged out.
When redirected after clicking on a link, users need to check to see whether they are still on, the only address of Facebook, or not, experts say, warning about dubious domains such as 

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