Fixing damaged internet cable may take a month: ISP

By Thanh Luan, Thanh Nien News

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It may take between three weeks and a month to repair the broken inter-continental Internet cable offshore Vietnam, depending on the weather, a local Internet service provider said today.

A segment of the cable, about 117 km off Vung Tau coast, was ruptured on Monday morning, according to the cable operator Asia-America Gateway (AAG).

The breaks have affected the country’s international internet broadband capacity, a representative of Viettel said in the evening.

Since the problem was "more complicated than first thought," and the repair work at sea would depend on the weather, it may take between three weeks to a month to finish repairing the ruptured cable, the representative said.

Viettel said it has increased connections through other inter-continental internet cable systems to maintain normal broadband capacity for its customers.

AAG, one of four inter-continental internet cable systems of Vietnam and so far the largest, is used by four major local providers, namely FPT Telecom, VNPT, Viettel and SPT.

The 20,000km AAG cable system has been fixed three times last year.

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