At $50, this fake Apple Watch offers features the real one lacks


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A replica Apple Watch on sale in China's Shenzhen City. A replica Apple Watch on sale in China's Shenzhen City.


In Shenzhen's famous Huaqiangbei electronics shopping district, you won't need to stand in any lines or make an appointment for these smartwatches.
At 299 yuan—that's less than $50—you can pick up a smartwatch that looks quite similar to Apple's own creation, complete with replica Digital Crown and touch screen. Like the Cupertino original that went on sale today for seven times the price, the generic offering spotted in this bustling Chinese city features an activity tracker, chat apps, Web browser, and Bluetooth connectivity. A brief demo unveiled shortcomings in the browser with only the text loading on screen.
What this no-name watch provides that Apple doesn't is phone calls right from the watch—without the need to connect to your smartphone—through a built-in microphone and surprisingly clear speaker. Its 3-megapixel front-facing camera adds another feature that won't be found on the wrists of Apple Watch buyers.
For $60, the PK G2 smartwatch gives you a sapphire display, built-in heart rate monitor, and an IR transmitter that turns your wrist into a remote control for your air conditioner or TV.
Of course, Siri's not included, and gold plating costs extra.

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