Apple Music debuts in Vietnam at $2.99, much cheaper than in US

By Thanh Luan - Thien Huong, Thanh Nien News

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Apple's highly-anticipated streaming music service was launched on Wednesday in Vietnam, one of its fastest growing markets in the world, with the monthly fee set at $2.99, or less than one-third of what American users are paying.
The move came at a time when none of similar services including Spotify and Google Play Music are available in the country, which boasted 41 million Internet users, or 45 percent of its population, as of March.
In fact, the launch of Apple Music has raised certain concerns among local streaming service providers which are dominating Vietnamese market like Nhaccuatui and Zing.
Speaking to Thanh Nien, Nguyen Minh Kha, deputy director general of NCT Corporation, said although it is unlikely that their website Nhaccuatui will be affected much given its long-time operation with huge amount of loyal users, they are still checking out the Apple service to have "suitable strategies" in the future.
Meanwhile, he said, at least a popular Vietnamese song that his company has exclusive streaming rights to is available on Apple Music. He suspected a user has uploaded it and Apple Music allows others to access it.
NCT Corporation is reviewing the list of songs on Apple Music and will contact Apple about illegally-uploaded songs, according to Kha.
Apple began to sell music and movies in Vietnam via its iTunes Store in 2012. 

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