30 percent of bank websites in Vietnam vulnerable to attacks: report

Thanh Nien News

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Nearly a third of all banks’ websites in Vietnam have security holes that can put them and their clients in high risks, a new report said.
Hanoi-based Internet security firm Bkav on Thursday said some websites are vulnerable to SQL Injection, a direct cyberattack that can destroy their database.
Others can lose their admin control or be linked to fraudulent websites, the report said.
Banks are among organizations that invest the most in cybersecurity in Vietnam, according to IT experts.
Ngo Tuan Anh, vice chairman of cybersecurity at Bkav, said most of the weak sites belong to new banks or those that have been restructured recently and have not invested much in security yet.
The company said it has sent warnings to these banks and instructions for them to fix the security holes.
Facebook scams
Bkav found that more than 40 Facebook pages were created every day during the first six months of the year to scam users out of money or to steal their passwords to spread spam.
The common trick of these pages is to post links that advertise big promotions that people are tempted to click on.
Once they do, they will be signed out and the screen will show a fake Facebook page asking them to sign back in. That’s when their account and password information could be stolen.
Some pages instruct them to deposit a sum of money to win a big prize, only to steal that money.
Bkav said Facebook users should not trust any promotion suggested on a strange page on the social network and need to check with the provider of the service first.

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