Vietnam's female chess team wins fifth round against US

TN News

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Vietnam's female chess team upset US rivals 3-1 in the fifth round of the 40th Chess Olympiad in Istanbul on Sunday.

The Vietnamese female players were considered the underdogs in the match.

The Vietnamese women were Thao Nguyen, (elo 2393), Mai Hung (elo 2212), Thien Kim (elo 2226) and Bich Ngoc, (elo 2172) while the US women's team consisted of Anna Zatonskih, (elo 2512), Irina Krush, (elo 2467), Sabina Foisor, (elo 2356) and Tatev Abrahamyan(elo 2303).

Thao Nguyen beat the world's number 14 woman, Zatonskih, whom many considered the key player of the US team. Thien Kim and Bich Ngoc also took wins over Foisor and Abrahamyan. Only Mai Hung suffered a loss to Krush.

The win over the US women lifted the Vietnam's female team from 29th to 16th among the 127 women teams at the event. In the sixth round, the Vietnamese women will clash with women from the Czech Republic.

Vietnamese men drew 2-2 with Georgia in the fifth round and fell two places to 29th out of the 150 male teams.

The Vietnamese men will next face Egypt in the sixth round of the chess olympiad in Istanbul.

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