Vietnamese swim coach calls foul-play at SEA Games

TN News

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Vietnam's swim coach at the SEA Games filed a complaint arguing that judges allowed a Singaporean swimmer to break the rules and thus beat out Vietnam's top swimmer, Nguyen Thi ANh Vien, for a gold medal on Saturday.

Vien won the silver medal in the women's 100m backstroke event clocking 1 minute 2.76 seconds, 0.29 seconds more than gold medalist Li Tao of Singapore.

However, Vien's coach Dang Anh Tuan said the Singaporean swimmer broke the rules. Swimmers are required to be on the water surface by 15m from the start but the video showed that Li Tao was underwater for more than 16m from the start.

Coach Anh Tuan paid USD100 to file a complaint and the judges held an urgent meeting but finally said Vietnam's complaint was invalid.

A disappointed Anh Vien, who earlier in the week had set a new SEA Games record, then only managed a bronze medal in the women's 800m free style event.

The Vietnamese tean won a total seven gold medals on Saturday to raise their total to 29, but they fell two positions from second to fourth place.

Thailand jumped three positions to the top with 33 gold medals while Myanmar slid one place to second with 31 gold medals. Indonesia is still in third with 30 gold medals. Timor-Leste has won only one bronze medal so far.

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