Vietnamese sports delegation leaves for London Games

TN News

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The Vietnamese sports delegation's core group of 15 athletes and officials early Friday flew directly from Hanoi to London for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

The delegation chief Lam Quang Thanh said, "The Vietnamese sports delegation will gather at the Olympic Village in England.

"The key athletes will be there at 7:20 London time (13:20 Hanoi time). The gymnasts and track & field athletes left for Britain on the 10th of July and the weight-lifters and taekwondo martial artists are expected to fly from France and the US this weekend."

This evening, the badminton and fencing teams will fly from Ho Chi Minh City directly to England, according to Thanh.

Most of the nation's medal hopes are pinned on the weightlifters and taekwondo martial artists.

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