Vietnamese players take 4 medals at Asian Billiards Championships

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Vietnamese players earned four medals at the 2012 Asian Billiards Championships which concluded Sunday at Ho Chi Minh City's Phan Dinh Phung Sports Center.

Tran Quyet Chien won a bronze medal in the 3-cushion carom event after losing 3-1 to Japanese rival Takeshima who lost 3-0 to gold medalist Kim Kyung Roul from the Republic of Korea.

Earlier, in the one-cushion event, Vietnamese players grabbed one gold, one silver and one bronze medal.

Ngo Dinh Nai bagged the gold medal after beating compatriot Tran Phi Hung 100-79 in the final match. The outcome was considered a pleasant surprise for Nai, who would have failed to enter the quarterfinals if there had been no last-minute intervention by Gaku Nishio, Chairman of the Asian Carom Billiards Confederation.

After two matches in the group stage, Tran Phu My qualified to advance the quarterfinals as he had higher sub-scores than Nai.

However, Nishio carefully checked the results and decided to have an urgent meeting with the jury board at 11 p.m. on Wednesday and made a decision in favor of Nai, as the tournament's sub-scores were based on the number of shots as stipulated by the new rules, rather than on the old rule which relied on score differential.

On Thursday, he had a meeting with the Vietnamese team and explained the reason to My.

Encouraged by the decision, Nai crushed Dang Dinh Tien 100-59 in the quarterfinals and Ma Minh Cam 100-31 in the semifinals.

In the final game, his rival Hung, who had replaced a retired Filipino player, beat a strong Japanese contender, Machida Tadashi, Asia's No.1, after 18 shots in the quarterfinals and went on to beat another Japanese player Kobayashi 100-99 in a tough semifinal match.

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