Vietnam retains pride despite World Cup disqualification

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Vietnam's national football team has failed to qualify for the 2014 World Cup, but they left the tournament with a pride-restoring 2-1 home win over Qatar in Hanoi Thursday.

The team failed to make it past the second round of the qualifying tournament after suffering a 0-3 away loss to their opponents in the first leg on Sunday July 24.

The Vietnamese players started off well and took control of the game but conceded a goal midway through the first half. A positioning mistake in the defense allowed Qatar's Yousef Ahmad Ali fired a powerful shot from just outside the penalty box.

The goal did not stop the hosts from attacking hard and their tireless efforts were rewarded with two goals in the second half.

Speaking after the match, Vietnam's German coach Falko Goetz said, "One of my eyes wants to smile while the other wants to cry. I am very happy because the Vietnamese players did their best. It was more than wonderful.


Vietnam loses 0-3 to Qatar in World Cup qualifier

Qatar's coach Rajevac said, "The Vietnamese players did a good job and deserved to win. After conceding the first goal, they did not give up, while some of my players wanted to rest and others were too eager to end the match and they made several mistakes. They paid for their lack of effort."

Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) Chairman Nguyen Trong Hy said, "It was a good game of the Vietnamese team. The players tried their best. If only we had done better in taking the scoring chances we had in the first leg match.

"VFF has decided to give the team VND600 million (about USD30,000) for their great performance. And as promised earlier, coach Goetz gets to spend a holiday with his family."

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