Vietnam completes UNESCO application for Hung Kings worship

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Authorities in the northern province of Phu Tho have completed the application to gain world heritage status for the annual worshipping rituals at the Hung Kings temple, which commemorates Vietnam's founding fathers.

The application, including maps, historical documents and scientific research reports, says that worshipping the Hung Kings is a symbol of culture and beliefs that strengthens the country's solidarity.

Vietnamese legends tell about the rule of 18 Hung Kings' dynasties during the first period of Vietnamese history between 2879-258 BC.

The first Hung King was said to be the eldest of 100 sons of the dragon lord Lac Long Quan and the mountain fairy Au Co.

Authorities have built the case for recognition after observing the practice at 226 authorized places of worship in 12 districts and towns in the province, as requested by the United Nations agency.

The Hung Kings worshipping rituals are closely related to the worship of ancestors that is a tradition in most Vietnamese families and an important part of the people's spiritual lives.

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