VFF suggests two foreigner limit for V-League clubs

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The Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) has proposed to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism that each team can field only two foreigners in a V-League match from the 2013 season onward.

In the proposal to the Ministry, VFF said, "As planned, from the 2014 season onwards, the federation has agreed with the policy of reducing the number of foreign players in the professional league [from 3 to 2 per club]. However, the cut should be done in the 2013 season itself because of financial difficulties facing the clubs."

If the proposal is accepted each V-League team can only register three foreign players instead of four at present and only two foreigners can be used in a match instead of three now.

However, Bui Xuan Hoa, managing director of the 2012 champs Da Nang, said that the policy should remain unchanged because the clubs have already prepared the players for the 2013 season.

Nguyen Hong Thanh, General Director of 2011 champs Song Lam Nghe An, said that the proposal, if approved, would cause a lot of trouble for the clubs because they have signed two-year contracts with foreign players and would have to pay large sums of money in compensation.

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