VFF awaits clarity on hiring terms for foreign coaches

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The Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) on Wednesday asked for "black and white" clarifications from sponsors and representatives of two foreign coaches being considered for appointments as coach for the national team.

The clarifications had to do with sponsorship, remuneration and other compensation details, officials said.

The two men in contention to become the head coach of the national men's team are Bulgaria's Hristo Stoichkov and Germany's Falko Goetz.

A Bulgarian firm and a German government agency were said to have agreed in principle to pay Stoichkov's and Goetz's salaries respectively, if either of them are selected. In a later development, the VFF had said it is prepared to pay the German's salary on its own, although the reason for this decision was not mentioned.

The federation has asked that Nove Holding Co. of Bulgaria as well as its local affiliate, Nove Vietnam, provide a written communication to VFF Chairman Nguyen Trong Hy pledging the group would pay the entire monthly salary for Stoichkov.

During their first meeting on April 28, Stoichkov's legal representative had presented a document with the signature of billionaire Vassil Bojkov, president of Nove Holding Ltd., as also president of Bulgarian football club CSKA Sophia, saying he would pay the salary for Stoichkov to coach the Vietnamese national team.

In the request sent to Nove, the Vietnamese football governing body also said it would provide cars and accommodation for the coaches and would discuss in detail the matter of sharing payment for two Bulgarian assistant coaches required by Stoichkov.

A reply from Nove is expected May 6, VFF officials said.

However, one of the officials said on condition of anonymity that Stoichkov was unlikely to be hired because several VFF officials were unhappy with the fact that an outside agency is taking responsibility for paying him.

A Nove representative in Vietnam on Wednesday told Thanh Nien if that happens, VFF would be losing out on a good opportunity.

Regarding the German candidate Goetz, the officials said that VFF has signed a draft agreement and will officially announce the agreement after VFF vice chairman Le Hung Dung and general secretary Tran Quoc Tuan return from a trip abroad.

A couple of days ago, VFF chairman Hy had said: "Everything is in place."

However, on Wednesday, a VFF representative spoke on the phone with Goetz's representative to discuss a reduction in the 16 month compensation the German side had first demanded in the event the VFF chooses to terminate the coach's contract. The German side has said they would consider the request, the official said.

VFF vice chairman Nguyen Lan Trung confirmed this, adding: "That was just a verbal dialog. We would like to request Goetz's representative to provide a written document specifying how many months salary the compensation would be. Everything must be in black and white before things can go ahead smoothly."

Also on Wednesday, the VFF reported to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism about letting Mai Duc Chung and Phan Thanh Hung take over as acting coaches of the national men's football team and the national Under-23 team respectively.

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