Sponsor extends contract with badminton ace

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Becamex IDC Corp extended its sponsorship contract with the country's number one badminton player Nguyen Tien Minh for another year on Wednesday.

According to the contract, which is effective April 2010 through April 2011, Binh Duong Province's Becamex Investment-Development Corporation will provide Minh VND50 million per month so long as he stays among the world top 10.

If he is between eleventh and twenty-fifth in the world, Minh will get VND20 million per month from the sponsor.

If Minh falls out of the world top 25, the sponsor will cut off funds.

Minh, the only Vietnamese badminton player to ever enter the world top 100, is currently ranked eighth.

In the final two months of 2009 and the first month of this year, Minh fell out of the world top 10 and he received only VND20 million from Becamex IDC Corp.

Jubilant at the extended contract, Minh said, "The sponsor's assistance makes me feel financially secure.

"However, I am also under pressure from it. I must keep trying to retain the high ranking. The competition among for world's top positions is very fierce.

"I know how hard the challenges are but challenges are also a motivation for me to obtain high achievements at important international contests."

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