Playing tennis with special rackets

Thanh Nien News

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Tennis is a popular sport in Vietnam's major cities. Throughout the country, men view a proper tennis racket as an indispensable to the game.
However many players in Ho Chi Minh City now play the game with “rackets” made of wine bottles, wooden chairs and even pieces of pattern tile. The special rackets make the game more difficult, but the more difficult it is to play with the strange tools, the more interesting the game becomes.
Do Thanh Hoang, ex-national team player: “Special “rackets” require much more skill and talent from the player. You have to practice for a long time to get acquainted to the wood or tile surface of the new rackets to make you movements more exact.”
To the players who use them, their special rackets have become parts of the kit bags they bring to practice and rounds of friendly competition.

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