National football team coach unclear about future plans

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National football team coach Henrique Calisto said Monday that he was not sure if he would extend his contract with the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) or work with a club.

Calisto said he has not delayed extending the two-year contract signed with VFF in March 2008.

The Portuguese tactician said he was waiting for VFF to officially discuss the matter with him.

“I have not delayed it. I’ve been actually waiting,” Calisto said. “At a lunch 40 days ago, a VFF representative met me and said it would continue to choose me as national team coach.

“And that was all. He didn’t go into details about what team I would be in charge of and for how long.”

Calisto said a contract is not just simply money. It involves other important details, too.

“For example, they offered X, but I wanted W; or they said they would provide me with a car but I wanted two cars; or they wanted to pay me in dollars but I would want euro or yen,” Calisto said. “We would have different terms in a new contract.”

Meanwhile, VFF vice chairman Le Hung Dung said the federation plans to discuss the contract extension with Calisto before the latter filed with the national team fly to Beirut on January 3 for an Asian Cup 2011 qualifying match against Lebanon.

However, Dung said he was not sure what the results of the discussion would be.

In another aspect concerning Calisto’s future, rumor has it that the Portuguese coach would work for V-League club T&T Hanoi next season.

Another V-League club Dong Tam Long An (DTLA) has claimed that Calisto’s contract with it won’t expire until 2011.

Calisto said it is true that his contract with DTLA will last until 2011 but he said the Mekong Delta club hasn’t paid him for 21 months.

He also admitted that one article in the contract with DTLA said he would come back to the club when his contract with VFF ends.

Calisto said he met DTLA owner Vo Quoc Thang several times but Thang never said anything about the club.

When asked whether he knew anything about a possible dispute between DTLA and T&T Hanoi over the right to have him as club coach, Calisto shook his head and said the two clubs had no reason for such a problem.

Calisto said he could end the contract with DTLA and sign a new contract with another club; but he said he had worked at DTLA for a long time, adding that respect for each other was important.

Almost 10 years ago, Thang brought Calisto to Vietnam and the Portuguese tactician helped DTLA earn two V-League championships in 2005 and 2006.

Calisto said he really wants to meet Thang now because some problems must be solved.

Also on Monday, Thang said, “I have great respect for Calisto and it will be OK if he really wants to leave DTLA to coach another club.

“However, two sides need to meet and the best time is after New Year’s Day. I still need to explain two things.”

Thang said the first thing is that when agreeing to let Calisto take charge of the national team, DTLA had signed a contract with VFF that said Calisto could only work for the national team, not the club and the national team, so as to prevent other clubs saying he was acting in favor of DTLA.

The second thing is that during the time Calisto works for VFF, the federation, and not DTLA will pay him to avoid any misunderstanding among other clubs, Thang said.

“Therefore, it is not true that DTLA hasn’t paid Calisto for 21 months,” Thang stressed

Thang said when creating opportunities for Calisto to take charge of the national team, his club thought it might be in trouble, but never complained.

“I once said I would be pleased if DTLA lost Calisto and was relegated to second-tier First Division but he would help the national team win regional championships,” Thang added.

Thang said he thought Calisto should understand the whole story and continue to concentrate all his efforts on the national team in 2010.

Source: Thanh Nien

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